Personalized Button Badges

Large bespoke pin back buttons are a fun way to introduce attendees

Looking for something fun? Look no further!

Extra large pin back buttons with custom personalized names pre-printed on them is a great way to introduce attendees at almost any event. When you have a 10cm diameter button badge on your shirt skirt, it's bound to be a conversation piece.

The best part is our innovative attachment options: you don't need to ask people to break their clothing with sharp pins. We have replaced the pin with a very powerful two part magnet. Insert the detached part inside your shirt and the button will stay even on the thickest of mackintosh coat.

Nimirintanapit ja nimikylttinapitEvery event is a good opportunity to be creative, and this is as creative as it gets when trying to be creative with name badges. Name badge buttons are a great way to present a brand, boost the theme of an event or just point out that we all have a name.

We provide name badge buttons in two different sizes, 76mm and 100mm diameter. All you have to do is supply us with a single artwork and an Excel spreadsheet with the attendees and we'll do the rest.

Our production time for bespoke named name badge buttons is approximately 1-2 weeks from approval of proof. For urgent orders there is an extra charge involved for 3-5 working day dispatch.

Minimum quantity for individually named pin-back buttons is just 10 pcs!

Get a quote or call our sales department at our Service Free number at +44 800 0698 778 - we speak English, Swedish or Finnish.