Woven wristband for
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Woven wristbands with up to 8 colors

Our prices include designs with up to 8 different yarn color, and your design is custom woven from yarn that is dyed into desired Pantone®-color

More durable in woven design

Of course, if you want a durable bracelet that does not wear out, your choice is, of course, a woven fabric bracelet. In the woven tagged bracelets, the logo and text are executed with the yarn from which the bracelet is made. Woven yarns of different colors can be used to create even complex patterns and small details. The metallic yarn, for its part, adds a nice touch to the details of the bracelets.

Minimum order of 1000 pieces per design

The minimum number of woven fabric bracelets is 1000 pieces individually made using custom-dyed yarns. The yarns are dyed to the desired Pantone® shade so that even more demanding logos are possible.

The most affordable price for woven bracelets starts with upward orders of around 10,000 pieces, which gives you a significant advantage over the bulk price.

For small batches of less than 1000, a woven bracelet is not a good option, so you should check out printed fabric bracelets.

The production time is always at least 2 weeks

The production time of woven bracelets cannot be accelerated as weaving always takes a standard amount of time. As the production capacity of the weaving machines is being sold in full, a continuous production time of about 2 weeks is minimal. No faster-woven bracelets are available this time.

The standard brackets for woven bracelets are various plastic sleeves and metal permanently clamping sleeves. The plastic sleeves have a tooth that prevents the bracelet from being removed without breaking the bracelet.

Free print before production

Woven bracelets are always electronically printed before production. The print is for reference only, the final implementation is different from the print because it is a woven product.

Woven wristbands - Price list

Model Printing 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000+
Woven Classic
330 x 15mm
2-7 colors
£0,35 £0,32 £0,28 £0,24
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Check also sublimation printed textile wristbands

Plastic barrel lock as standard. Production time approximately 2-3 weeks. set up fee 30 euros per design. Prices excluding VAT.

Optional products and services
Plastic barrel lock Included as standard
Metal lock for permanent closure £0,16
Pliers for metal closure* £26,10
Express production in less than 2 weeks +50%

*Pliers are needed to lock the metal closure

Printing set-up charges
Digitizing charge per design £27,00

Artwork instructions
Not yet available for this product
How to order

To place an order for woven wristbands, contact our sales by phone or by email. Send us your print files, artwork or logos as vectorized PDF-files and we will create a digital proof of your order before proceeding to production.