Crest name badge

The lightest aluminum name badge in our product range

The Crest name badge completes the outfit

The lightweight, sleek and stylish Crest is the lightest choice of metal name badges in our range that doesn't hang

Neat Crest name badge

The Crest is, like its model, a name in a beautiful simple form language. Compared to the popular Crown name needle, the Crest name needle differs most in lightness. The needle is printed directly on metal and has no clear polyurethane lens (so-called epoxy lens) on the surface.

Lightweight yet impressively finished

Thanks to its beautiful bevel, the name pin is finished and clean looking. Weighing approximately 1-2 grams, Crest is the lightest model in our range of name pins, so it doesn't hang or hang ugly on a lightweight shirt when you choose your fastener correctly. Crest nameplates are printed with your own logo and, if desired, pre-branded. Naming does not increase the price.

Choose from a variety of options

You can get Crest name pins in all the same shapes as the Crown name pins. Crest name pins can be used to add language flags already at the printing stage to demonstrate the language skills of the wearer. Name personalization with titles is included as standard in the price.

In addition, you can order a fine retro-looking tinplate tin storage box with a cleaning cloth.

Ordering and Electronic Drafting

To place an order on Crest Name Pins, please send us your printed matter in PDF format and we will make an electronic print of the name tag. Once you have accepted the proof, you should also supply the list of names in Excel format, with one line containing the name of one person and any other information such as title, spoken languages ​​and so on.

Easily service the name pin yourself

The Crest is also available for additional orders, order replenishment from your prepaid warehouse via an easy web-based vending machine.

Order a crisp microfiber cloth with glossy needles at a price of € 0.25 each. The glossy name pin easily retains fingerprints when attaching the nameplate. With the Euro, you can order name pins in tin cases and come with a high-quality microfiber cleaning cloth to keep the pins glossy and impressive for the future.

Crest Namebadges - Price list

Namebadge model Printing 1-4 5-9 10 25 50 100 200 300 400
Rectangle 2.75" x 1.38"
70 x 35mm
Printing on metal
Full-color printing
CMYK + white
£13,50 £9,90 £6,30 £4,50 £4,05 £3,60 £3,42 £3,33 For over 400 pcs
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Rectangle 2.75" x 1"
70 x 25mm
Oval 2.55"x 1.34"
65 x 34 mm
Bending top 2.9" x 1.5"
ø 50 mm
Round Ø2"
ø 50 mm

Price includes pin or two-part name badge magnet attachment. The print is always in full color. Prices excluding VAT.

Optional products and services
Standard or mini two part magnet £0,00
Pin attachment £0,00
Printed language flags directly on badge £0,00
Flag stickers for badges (10 per sheet) £4,46
Microfiber cleaning cloth for badges
Specifically for mirror finish badges badges
Vintage tin box storage case for badges
Includes free microfiber cleaning cloth
Dymo Labelmanager 160P £53,10
Dymo Labelmanager 120P £35,10
Express production in 3 working days +30%
Express production in 1-2 working days +50%

*Standard production time approximately 5 business days from digital proofing.

Printing set-up charges
CMYK Full-color printing charge £18,00
Screen printing in Pantone® color £72,00
Mold charge for custom shape
Minimum order for custom shape is 1000 pcs
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Re-orders at -50% from normal list prices

Artwork instructions
Not yet available for this product

Badge base options

These are the available base shapes and finishes

Name badge accessories

Below is a list of the most common accessories available for this product

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