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Hernepellontie 11, Helsinki
Finland (Where Santa Claus lives)

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Monday - Friday 8-16
Call 0800 0698 778 (UK only)
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Pinpops warehouse & production in Helsinki caters to event organizers locally and the showroom is open Monday to Friday from 9 am till 5 pm. You can collect an order or visit our showroom to find out more about product options and samples.

Pinpops company is located in our own building where we have 1000 square meters for production, warehouse and sales offices.

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We deliver all of our products to anywhere in Europe using FedEx shipping. We can provide a truly good rates for delivery, however if you wish to organize your own collection, that is also an option.

If you visit our store, you can pay with any credit card accepted internationally. For an online order, we accept credit cards through Paypal, Braintree and IBAN bank transfers (GBP and EUR accounts available). For IBAN transfer you don't need to pay expensive international transfer fees if you pay in either of the mentioned currency.

Pinpops Ltd Warehouse & Production building

Find us in Helsinki

Pinpops Shop & Showroom is located at Hernepellontie 11, right next to Lahdenvayla, main road leading into the capital. Plenty of free parking is available in front of the building.

With public transport use buses number 68 and 74 (Exit at bus stop 3494 "Palkopolku", go through the underpass and you're here).

For large orders, visit the shop first before heading off to the loading dock.

Shipping options

The majority of orders are shipped to the customer using either Post services or FedEx. In Helsinki capital area we provide Jetpak direct shipping as well.

Shipments to Europe are delivered within 1-2 working days from dispatch. Shipments to the United Kingdom are usually shipped in 1-3 working days, check from your sales agent for a shipping estimate.

Our own production and warehouse

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Pinpops Ltd Warehouse & Production building

You can follow us on Instagram at pinpops_suomi.

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